Prenočišča Širec

About us, From 2008

Our guesthouse Širec is located between vineyards and the beauty of untouched nature. It is only 7 kilometers away from the city center Ptuj. In 1995 we planted the first grape vine and that is when we began to write the story about the Slovenian land and about the goods that mother nature gives us. Today we have plant out 25.500 grape vines. Which is main activity after the accommodations. Because we want our guests to experience a part of what our hard-working hands produced, we give them the chance to rest and enjoy the nature in new modern rooms. We want you to wake up every morning with the sound of singing birds and the sight of beautiful vineyards. If you want to experience even more, then the old city center of Ptuj is waiting for you to be explored and to enjoy the heartbeat of the old city. Also, nearby the old castle Vurberg is calling for you to visit it. So, you can explore and get to know the history and traditions. If you want to get to know Maribor or our steeply Pohorje a little better, then you are just 18 kilometers away. The nearby Drau and Ptuj fields give you the opportunity to enjoy many historical findings.

Wine tasting

You can hear the story of our wine in the wine cellar stocked with 50.000 liters of wine. The wine tastes even better there and tells the unimaginable story of hard-working hands.

Let yourself take a ride between sweet and dry wine. Let your taste buds enjoy the taste of sparkling champagne.

On the road from grape vines to wine will lead you the Wine queen Slovenia 2008, Svetlana Širec Žuran.

The wine tasting program will be adjusted to your wishes.


For more information we are available on the following contacts:

Phone number: 040 943 701
Phone number: 040 178 288